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Basis of the Gokhale Method

The human body is a physical marvel. We have evolved to walk, jump, run, climb, dance, and carry and climb. Yet 80% of the people experience back pain. Does this mean we are poorly designed or have we just lost touch of how to use our bodies? Esther Gokhale’s research suggest the latter. 

Course Content

We provide you with life changing tools to recover and maintain your natural posture. You learn to use everyday movements like sitting, lying, and walking to reshape and lengthen your spine. Gentle hands-on guidance and visual materials can efficiently replace bad habits with healthy new ones. We understand that you have a life to live so our techniques do not rely on formal exercises, special equipment or ongoing treatments and interventions. 

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What is Gokhale Method?

Gokhale Method Book

Gokhale Method Class Offerings

Getting Started with the Gokhale Method YouTube Video

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