About Everett Therapeutic Massage

I provide a variety of massage techniques to address your specific concerns. Your comfort level is my top priority each and every time you visit Everett Therapeutic Massage. Whether you enjoy deep tissue massage or prefer relaxation massages, I take the time to assess your condition and create a plan that is entirely tailored to your needs.
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Focused, Relaxing Massage

If you've recently experienced a vehicular or work-related accident, you'll love the focus on healing found at Everett Therapeutic Massage. Whether you're experiencing pain a few days after the accident or you're searching for relief from chronic aches and pains, I can help!

Your massage can be adjusted to your comfort level. Good communication is important for an effective therapeutic session. Let me know if the pressure level is too deep. Too much pressure can cause your body to muscle guard and tighten up even more, thus causing more pain. My goal is to help you alleviate your aches and pains at a pressure level catered to you.

How Does My Service Stand Out

I focus mainly on deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques, which can cause a considerable amount of pain. I alter the pressure according to the individual, as not everyone can take the same pressure. This allows the body to relax in order to let go of tension and stress, resulting in a better therapeutic healing session.

There's nothing more satisfactory than being able to reduce a person's pain. There is already so much in life that contributes to pain and I like doing the opposite! I also love working one-on-one with my clients. This helps me focus on their needs which lead to great results.

My Experience

"I used to work in the restaurant industry before becoming a massage therapist. I had regular massages for my many aches and pains. My results were so impressive that I wanted to share them with others and so became a therapist myself. The more I learned about this field, the more I realize there is so much we can do for our own pain. Little things we do every day like stretching and posture awareness can make a huge difference in our pain level. I try to educate clients in this area along with giving them the best massage possible, catered to their specific needs."

I accept L&I and auto (PIP) insurance. However, I do not accept health insurance. I can also be found on Thumbtack.
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My Education and Training

I am always updating myself by reading the latest on massage therapy and its benefits for many ailments. I also take CE classes every 6 months to learn new methods and keep my techniques effective. I think there is always something new to learn that I can bring back to my clients so they may receive the benefits.
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