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Corporate On-Site Massage


De-Stress Your Workplace

Are you looking for a way to keep your employees happier and healthier? Studies have shown that chair massage can improve workplace productivity and give your employees a better outlook. It can also go a long way towards avoiding soft tissue injuries, the most common workplace injury according to L&I statistics.

Let Everett Therapeutic Massage teach your employees how to handle the stresses of the workplace and educate them on self-care techniques to help avoid injuries. 

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

Whether you're sitting at a desk all day or working in a factory doing the same repetitive work all day, you're at risk of overuse injuries. According to Labor and Industries, 42% of all work-related injury claim costs come from strains and sprains. These injuries usually develop over time from repetitive motions and overuse.

On-site corporate massage from Everett Therapeutic Massage can be an effective way to help treat and even prevent these injuries. A trained therapist can work with soft tissues, breaking up the knots and adhesions that form in muscles and connective tissues.

This treatment works to push out toxins from injured tissues and helps to increase circulation, which helps bring fresh nutrients to the affected area, helping to promote quicker healing.

Let Everett Therapeutic Massage come to your workplace and help relieve the pain, tightness, and stress of you and your employees. We can also help teach self-care techniques and proper postures, all to help everyone avoid injuries. Call today to schedule your appointment and discuss our treatment options. 

Sports Massage in Everett WA
Relaxing Massage

At Everett Therapeutic Massage, your treatment is always tailored to your specific needs through communication.

Treat & Avoid Injuries

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Work-Related Injuries

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Overuse of Muscles

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Repetitive Motion Injuries

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Degenerative Conditions

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Stress & More

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