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  • What Can I Expect at My First Massage?
    If this is your first massage, you may be a bit nervous and have some questions about your session. I work extra time into the hour-long appointment to address all of your questions and concerns. It's my goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible so you can relax and get the full health benefits from your massage session.
  • Will I Get a Full Hour on the Table?
    Yes, as long as you're not late! I work an extra 10-15 minutes in to talk with you before your massage.
  • What Type of Massage Should I Have?
    At your first visit, I'll talk with you in great detail about your specific concerns and goals from massage therapy. Then together we'll come up with your very own custom plan. Gentle techniques are usually used to encourage relaxation, while deep tissue massage is used to treat trigger points.
  • Should I Talk During the Massage?
    That is totally up to you. Some people feel more relaxed when they are talking during the massage, while others like to "zone out" and be completely quiet. I'll ask you some questions in the beginning to gauge your comfort level, but from there I follow your lead. I'll talk if you'd like, or I'll be quiet and let you relax and enjoy.
  • How Many Massage Sessions Do You Think I'll Need?
    This varies from person to person. If your main goal is relaxation, then a massage session every 3-6 weeks is likely fine. For relief from specific conditions, it's recommended you start with more frequent sessions, then taper down to a maintenance schedule once you are feeling better. At your first visit, we will discuss your needs and determine a schedule that makes the most sense for you.
  • Are Same-day And Walk-in Appointments Available?
    Same-day and walk-in appointments are not currently available as we tend to be fully booked.
Massage Therapist

Everett Therapeutic Massage has been providing superior massage therapy services to Everett, WA and the surrounding areas for the past 11 years.

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